Yorgos Lanthimos’ new film “The Lobster” at Rotterdam’s CineMart

The Greek filmmaker’s next feature will soon be found alongside 32 projects from all over Europe at the upcoming Rotterdam International Film Festival’s co-production market.

“The Lobster” is one of the three projects he has been working on ever since he moved to London after completing work on “Alps”, which received its world premiere at the Venice Biennale and won the Golden Osella for Best Screenplay.

One of the above-mentioned features is a period drama that takes place during Queen Anne’s reign, sometime between 1702 and 1714, and the other is a contemporary adaptation of Daniel Defoe’s novel “A Journal of the Plague Year”.

The third project is the one that seems to be taking the lead at CineMart. Provocatively titled “The Lobster”, it is once again penned by Efthimis Filippou, who co-wrote “Dogtooth” and “Alps”.

A little while back, which describing the film he was currently working on (we’d venture to guess he was in fact speaking of “The Lobster”), Yorgos Lanthimos said that he and Filippou had already finished writing the screenplay, which will “be taking place in our universe but it will be a bigger production with sci-fi or fantasy elements.”

CineMart describes the film as an Irish, British and Greek co-production between Element Pictures, Limp and Scarlet Films.