Visiting Yannis Veslemes’ “Norway”

“Norway” is Yannis Veslemes’ first feature length film. It makes its first big stop at the 48th Film Festival of Karlovy Vary for its “Works In Progress” program and we get a glimpse of its first strange and enchanting images.

It’s 1984. Zano arrives in the city for the first time. He is light-sensitive, a vampire and a great dancer. He gets burnt, scattered, spending himself in an Athens which you won’t find on any map.

The only thing he longs for is a ‘warm girl’. At Disco Zardoz, a dive bar and a den for folks of ill-repute, he will meet the prostitute Alice and the Norwegian dealer Peter. With them he will take on a dubious job, which will lead them to Mount Parnitha, to the depths of the Earth, to Methuselah’s kingdom.

This is the official summary for “Norway”, Yannis Vesleme’s first feature length (he is also known as Felizol, as a musician and through his work on short films – you may have stumbled upon his bizarre “Osiki”) which is in its final stages of filming and will be participating in the 48th Film Festival of Karlovy Vary’s ‘Works In Progress’ program, hoping to get the attention of the film industry’s international professionals before its completion.

As the film’s creators explain “Norway is a battle between good and bad taste, the expendable and the precious. It wears shiny shoes, dances among colorful scoundrels and bites only when it wishes. And it makes its way –finally –to the Mediterranean”

The first two stills from the film (below) tell of the mysterious quality of the movie’s geography, of a return to the eighties, in a dark and twisted universe, created only for those that can survive the most testing circumstances.

The first image shows us what Methuselah’s kingdom might look like, while the second introduces the vampire Zano, played by Vagelis Mourikis.



A HORSEFLY PRODUCTION. Co-produced with FALIRO HOUSE PRODUCTIONS, ERT S.A, LOGLINE, MARNI FILMS, DEEPGREENSEA, TUGO TUGO PRODUCTIONS, 2|35, ECHO STUDIOS / Starring: Vagelis Mourikis, Alexia Kaltsiki, Daniel Bolda / Co-starring: Markos Lezes, Sofi Zanninou, Vasilis Kamitsis, Yannis Bostantzoglou / Directed by: Yannis Veslemes/ Screenplay: Yannis Veslemes / Producers: Yorgos Tsourogiannis, Christos V. Konstantakopoulos / Co-producers: Eleni Berte, Yannis Veslemes / Photography: Christos Karamanis / Edited by: Giannis Chalkiadakis/ Production Design: Yannis Veslemes/ Sound: Dimitris Kanellopoulos, Persephone Miliou, Kostas Varipompiotis / Music: Felizol / Costumes: Alkistis Mamali / Make-up: Dora Nazou / Special Effects: Alahouzoi Bros., Mihalis Samiotis / Visual FX: Deep green Sea / Production Manager: Yorgos Zervas / Line Producer: Logline