Venice Film Festival’s “Sala Web” Returns For Innovative Online Screenings

Following three successful years incorporating an online screening experience to the regular programming of the Venice Film Festival, the Biennale has announced that its innovative Sala Web initiative will return this year for the 72nd edition of the Mostra, in collaboration with Festival Scope, the online platform for film professionals.

Sala Web will serve as a parallel online showcase for films officially selected at the Orizzonti Competition and Biennale College. These films will be available for streaming during a full 5 days, on the same day as their world premiere on the Lido.

Sala Web is the virtual screening room that takes the Venice Film Festival’s official selection beyond the confines of its traditional venues and makes some of the Mostra’s most groundbreaking programming directly accessible to audiences worldwide.

Venice Film Festival Director Alberto Barbera explained: “We are committed to making the Mostra even more accessible for anyone interested – from film enthusiasts to film professionals. The aim of Sala Web is to make them discover brand new films that may otherwise have remained beyond their reach. The films from the Orizzonti Competition and Biennale College represent truly inventive trends in the world cinema today: we are willing to find new ways to increase their visibility and develop their audience worldwide. In this context, Sala Web is the platform connecting international audiences with the Venice Film Festival”

The Orizzonti Competition aims to showcase the new trends in world cinema. The 2014 Sala Web selection featured such worldwide multi-awarded titles as COURT and THESE ARE THE RULES. The Biennale College is a unique higher education workshop for the development and production of micro-budget feature length films. Last year it provided a successful launching platform for new talent such as Duccio Chiarini’s SHORT SKIN (later on selected by Berlinale) and Rania Attieh & Daniel Garcia’s H. (later on selected by Sundance and Berlinale).

Sala Web screenings will be hosted on a secure site operated by Festival Scope on behalf of the Venice Film Festival. Festival Scope is the online platform exclusively reserved for film professionals, which partners with the most prominent film festivals worldwide to bring the artistic discoveries, experience and business opportunities of the international festival circuit online.

Digital tickets for Sala Web screenings will go on sale in mid-August, via a dedicated box office on the home page of Sala Web. Users may register to buy tickets for the online screenings with all tickets priced at 4€ or a Festival Pass (10€ for 5 films). Once they have purchased a ticket for a chosen title, users will be able to screen the film once during a 5-day period beginning at 9 p.m. EST on the day of the film’s official premiere at Venice Film Festival. The full selection of films available for online screening on Sala Web will be announced in the coming days.

This year’s Venice Film Festival runs from September 2nd to 12th.