The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2

The epic finale of the big screen adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s novels is beckoning at a snow-filled forrest, as Bella and Edward add the final touch to their torrid 5-year affair with the box office!

In the fifth and final part of their vampire saga, Bella and Edward are more in love and more conventional than ever. Bella is now a full-blown vampire and the couple has had a daughter, Renesmee, who will become the central character of the final "Twilight" installment. Bella, Edward, the Cullens and the Werewolfs will be forced to fight against the Volturi coven in order to protect their family.

You can’t deny there’s a certain amount of emotion when a franchise like “Twilight” comes full circle, after renewing audience interest with a new installment for the past five years. Bella and Edward’s romance left its mark on an entire generation and created a global community around Stephenie Meyer’s love child.

“Twilight Saga” became a trend, won awards, caused mass hysteria and, most importantly, introduced Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson to the world, two actors who became so popular they even managed to build a parallel career, while still reprising their roles every time “Twilight” called.

The fifth and final episode of the series has one major asset and a string of disappointments that make the brief flashback before the finale seem like a walk down memory lane. On the one hand, “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” features a fabulous battle sequence between the Cullens, the Werewolves and the Volturi that’s slightly different to the one in the book, often veering toward splatter, like a grotesque grand-scale mural with amazing visual effects and mind blowing twists. And that the film’s biggest asset.

On the other hand, the characters have now grown up (as much as a vampire possibly can – mentally mostly ) and have long broken the mould of the forbidden teenage romance that fuelled the narrative with just the right amount of passion and humor. Having reached maturity, they take themselves a little too seriously, radiating melodrama and pompousness from every pore. This new sobriety only serves to reveal the actors’ general inadequacy and makes a conservative series look even more outdated, despite the fact that this final episode features the most sex (the couple did get married last year, after all!).

These overly dramatic scenes, crowded with Cullen family supporters, seem like a UNICEF postcard or an atypical Noah’s Ark, with two people representing every ethnicity. And as if that wasn’t enough, baby Renesmee – before she grows up into a precious little girl – is CGI-generated, like something out “Polar Express”.

Still, nothing can weaken the box office potential of the film, as “Twilight” is imbued with a real teenage spirit, even if it’s the kind that veers towards storybook romance rather than rebelliousness. It’s just that we expected something more from a franchise that’s been around for so many years, even if the final flashback sequence serves to remind us that Bella and Edward’s romance will last forever.

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