“Peaches Does Herself” by Peaches / Toronto 2012 review

Peaches, the high priestess of sexualized electro, directs and stars in her own musical that looks like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

The aggressive feminism, the deconstruction of the sexes, the orgasmic freedom and the crossing of sexual boundaries are some of the things that have made Canadian songstress Peaches one of the most recognizable figures in the contemporary electro scene.

Based in Berlin and armed with an avalanche of electro sounds, Peaches has always been a charming musical paradox, a woman with strong views and a radical sense of humor, advocating her own brand of macho femininity that defies all stereotypes.

Her first film, “Peaches Does Herself”, is essentially the music performance that she staged a few months ago at HAU Eins in Berlin. This loopy musical tells the story of a girl, all alone in her room, dreaming of fame. A 60-year-old cowboy stripper will bestow the strength she needs to become a musician, a sex change will set her free and her love for a gorgeous transsexual will help her discover who she really is. Or something along those lines, anyway!


The story unfolds through songs and sexually charged dance acts, costumes with large dildo extensions, the Fatherfuckers ballet lead by Amazonian transsexual Dannii Daniels, a vagina-shaped bed and naked cowgirl Sandy Kane, who steals the show with the titillating and thoroughly delightful future classic “I Love Dick” in one of the film’s highlights.(Watch it here!)

If you were expecting to see “Mamma Mia” you will be unpleasantly surprised. If, on the other hand, Peaches’ filthy mouth, her outré humor, her music and a good fix of over-the-top flamboyance is right down your alley, then “Peaches does Herself” is just what the doctor ordered!

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