“Lustlands”: fear and lusting in the Peloponnese

Temporarily relocating to a farm in the Peloponnese, The Callas and their industrious circle of friends are making a feature film, inviting audiences to a Dionysian encounter with Greek psychedelia. Flix joins them for a glass of wine under the midday sun.

There’s no stopping the Ionas Bros. Lakis and Aris Ionas, members of local band The Callas, are mobilizing the Velvet team – including the Velvet Bus, the Velvet Festivals and the Velvet Magazine – along with their new publishing venture LUST, with a view to conquering new territory, which in this case happens to lie in the Peloponnese! The deeper the crisis, the more elaborate their plans for expansion.

The Callas have even taken it upon themselves to make a proper, full-length film, with a beginning and an end – and plenty of artistic references in-between. “Lustlands”, which just finished shooting on a farm in the Argolida prefecture, is a family film noir taking place against a rural backdrop, with the sun burning up above and darkness lurking in the shadows. The storyline involves a group of unemployed girls killing time on a farm, when an age-old secret stirs primordial passions until they are forced to face the darkness behind the midday sun.

Under the pretext of professional obligations, Flix traveled to the Peloponnese to meet up with the “Lustlands” crew and talk about film, music and the Greek version of psychedelia.

Sticking to their usual M.O., Lakis and Aris Ionas approached filmmaking as part of a team, using members of local English-language bands as cast and crew, which pretty much turned the credit roll into a “who’s who” of the homegrown music scene.
“Lustlands” however isn’t a stand-alone film, it’s part of a bigger picture. Once shooting had wrapped, the Ionas Bros expanded on the film concept by inaugurating the “Lustlands Project”, a festival held at the exact same location scheduled to take place June 23. Starting at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, the “festival” stretched long into the night, with visitors getting the chance to experience art shows, impromptu lo-fi gigs and performances until the break of dawn.

LUSTLANDS – the movie
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  • Script/Direction: Lakis and Aris Ionas / The Callas
  • Cinematography/Editing: Dimitris Kotselis/ MicroondaS, Conductive
  • Sound: Nikos Triantafyllou
  • Camera: Angeliki Hatzi


  • Anita Polychroni / The Callas
  • Terpsichore Savala / Le Page
  • Kostas Varotsos / Victory Collapse
  • Aphrodite Psara / Conductive
  • Angeliki Hatzi / Frown Tails
  • Ilias Papazacharias
  • Tasia Drouza
  • Velvet Crew (Graphic Design, Tech Support): Anda Theodorakaki, Irini Zografou, Andreas Kikiras
  • Production Support: Dionysia Bosmi