Animasyros 5.0 – The Awards

The International Animation Festival + Forum Animasyros 5.0, which took place on the Greek island of Syros September 20 – 23, drew to a close in high spirits.

It looks like the Animasyros 5.0 jury was perfectly en sync with the audience, which flooded the Apollo theater of Emroupolis, Syros, each and every night.

Because when the screening of Carlo Vogele’s “A Furtive Tear” (affectionately referred to by festival-goers as “The Fish”) was over on Saturday night, the excitement was palpable. A technically brilliant animated tale involving a live object (said fish), “A Furtive Tear” wasn’t just a brilliantly conceived gimmick but a demanding, lyrical and funny piece of filmmaking. And nobody could possibly claim the festival jury lacked a sense of humor.

The award for Best International Film went to none other than “A Furtive Tear” by Carlo Vogele “for its simple and effective sense of humor and its wonderfully appropriate context and technique”, while the Honorable Mention went to Franck Dion’s “Edmund was a Donkey”, a Tim Burton-inspired moodpiece that felt like the exact opposite from the festival’s big winner.

The jury awarded three prizes to student films, one of which happened to be Greek. Here is the breakdown:


Honorable Mention for a Greek Student Film: “Abeyance” by Eleni Miltsi (Athens School of Fine Arts).

You can watch “Abeyance” below:

Honorable Mention for an International Student Film: “366 Days” by Johannes Schiehsl (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg).

Check out the trailer below:

Best Student Film Award: “Bite of the Τail” by Song E Kim (California Institute of the Arts)

Check out a work-in-progress clip from 2007 below:

Honorable Mention for an International Film: “Edmund was a Donkey” by Franck Dion (France/Canada)

Check out the trailer below:

Best International Film Award: “A Furtive Tear” by Carlo Vogele (USA)

Check out the trailer below: