“A Blast” by Syllas Tzoumerkas wins award at the Sarajevo Film Festival!

Syllas Tzoumerkas’ second feature might still be a long way from the screen, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get off to a flying start. On July 15th, Cinelink, the SFF project development workshop, awarded “A Blast” with the first coproduction development award, worth 30.000 Euros!

It was only a year ago when “Stage Fright” by Yorgos Zois, written by Vassilis Kyriakopoulos, won the Centre National de la Cinematographie Award at the Sarajevo Film Festival, with producer Maria Drandaki attached.

A year later, Tzoumerkas’ new project had its own moment in the sun, winning the Eurimages CineLink award at Sarajevo’s co-production market. Co-written by Youla Boudali, his writing partner in previous effort “Homeland”, “A Blast” will be produced by none other than Maria Drandaki.

As the title suggets the story revolves around a woman who’s about to blow her life into smithereens. The Cinelink distinction will go a long way towards pushing the film into the final stages of pre-production and, if all goes well, we’ll be hearing from Tzoumerkas very very soon…

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