Two Awards for Filippos Tsitos’ “Unfair World” at the 59th San Sebastian Film Festival

Greek cinema continues to stand out at festivals around the world: the 59th San Sebastian Film Festival bestows the Best Director and Best Actor Awards on Filippos Tsitos’ “Unfair World’’.

The 59th San Sebastian Film Festival, which kicked off on September 16th hosting the world premiere of Filippos Tsitos third feature (following “Sweet Home” and “Plato’s Academy”), announced award winners last night.

“Unfair World” won Tsitos Best Director and Antonis Kafetzopoulos Best Actor – his second award for a Tsitos film after his 2009 Silver Leopard at the Locarno International Film Festival for “Plato’s Academy”.

After warmly greeting the crowds with a “buenas noches, muchas gracias”, Antonis Kafetzopoulos proceeded to thank the jury, headed by Frances McDormand, whom he revealed he very much admires. “This awards offers everyone who worked on the film and all our colleagues back home a motive to keep making an effort during these hard times, because it’s not easy making films in Greece right now,” said Kafetzopoulos. He then thanked director Filippos Tsitos in Greek (since, as he said, “here in San Sebastian you can all understand why some things need to be said in our mother tongue”) and said he was up for another film whenever he felt like it.

In turn, Filippos Tsitos thanked the San Sebastian Film Festival and the jury. “This film was a long time in the making and I would have never pulled through without my wife, who supported me so passionately that I sometimes felt she believed in this film more that I did. We made Unfair World with no money at all, so please allow me to dedicate this film to all my good friends and great artists who agreed to work with me for free.”

Watch the entire Awards Ceremony in the video below.

Watch the film’s trailer here.

Watch the interview Filippos Tsitos granted Flix for here.

The 59th San Sebastian Film Festival Awards are as follows:
GOLDEN SHELL FOR BEST FILM: “Los Pasos Dobles”, Isaki Lacuesta (Spain- Switzerland)
SPECIAL JURY PRIZE: “Le Skylab”, Julie Delpy ( France)
SILVER SHELL FOR BEST DIRECTOR: Filippos Tsitos, “Adikos Kosmos” / “Unfair World” (Greece)
SILVER SHELL FOR BEST ACTRESS: María León, “La Voz Dormida” (Spain)
SILVER SHELL FOR BEST ACTOR: Antonis Kafetzopoulos, “Adikos Kosmos” / “Unfair World” (Greece)
PRIZE FOR BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Ulf Brantås, “Happy End” (Sweden)
JURY PRIZE FOR BEST SCREENPLAY: Hirokazu Kore-Eda, “Kiseki”/ “I Wish” (Japan)
Also awarded:
KUTXA-NEW DIRECTORS AWARD: “The River Used To Be A Man” / “Der Fluss War Einst Ein Mensch” , Jan Zabeil (Germany)
AUDIENCE AWARD: “The Artist”, Michel Hazanavicius (France)
FILMS IN PROGRESS INDUSTRY AWARD: “7 Cajas”, Juan Carlos Maneglia y Tana Schémbori (Paraguay)
CASA DE AMÉRICA AWARD: “Infancia Clandestina”, de Benjamín Avila (Argentina-Spain-Brazil)
TVE OTRA MIRADA AWARD: “Jodaeiye Nader Ez Simin” / “Nader And Simin, A Separation”, Asghar Farhadi (Iran)
SPECIAL MENTION: “Sangue Do Meu Sangue”, João Canijo (Portugal)
CINEMA IN MOTION: “The Last Friday”, Yahya Alabdallah (Jordan) and “Confession And Struggle”, Eliane Raheb (Lebanon)