Taster scene from “Boy Eating the Bird´s Food” by Ektoras Lygizos

Ektoras Lygizos´ first feature-length film premiered in competition at the 47th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival on July 5th only to win a special mention for actor Yannis Papadopoulos two days later. Having attracting international attention, the film is guaranteed a successful festival run that should stretch well into 2012. Here´s a short scene where the boy is literally eating the bird´s food that´s sure to wet your voracious cinephile appetite!

According to Flix Karlovy Vary correspondent, Yorgos Krasskopoulos, “Lygizos’ filmmaking is sparse and ascetic, just like his leading man, but at the same time it’s electrified, choreographed and almost intoxicating. A fluid, precise, no frills cinema that certainly deserves to be called Bressonian, no matter how cliché that might sound.”

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According to Screen International, Lygizos´ film is directly connected to everything that´s happening in the country today: “Every stage represents another aspect related to Greece, not only the economy crisis but the prevailing state of mind as well. Rejected by Germany, impoverished without understanding why, subjected to self-inflicted punishments for no evident reason, hungry, unemployed, ruined, unable to pay debts, emasculated (a counter-tenor voice is the present day version of what used to be called a castrato), desperate, deprived of everything but the soul still capable of singing.”

Check out a scene that elaborates on the above metaphor and gives you a better idea of the visual approach the film´s overall aesthetic sensibilities, to be released domestically this Fall.

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