Lucia Rikaki is no longer in our midst

After an uneven battle with cancer, Lucia Rikaki left behind what she loved the most: cinema.

The news about Lucia Rikaki’s death on December 28, 2011 at 50 years old has caused grief amongst everyone who knew her and her oeuvre.

Grief for a life cut short, especially for someone like Lucia Rikaki, who was brimming with energy until the end of her days. Suffice to say that her latest film was called “The Salvation Plan” and took place in the Sotiria hospital where she left her last breath.
Restless and creative, like any true artist, Lucia Rikaki wasn’t just a filmmaker: her interests went above and beyond fiction and documentary films, embracing such diverse activities as film education, literature and stand up comedy, which she first established in Greece in 1995.

Born in Piraeus in 1961, she had studied art history, film, graphic design and photography at the Darlington College of Arts in England, and had worked at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and the Danish Ministry of the Environment. She returned to Greece in 1982 and founded Orama Films, staging theater productions and making films. In 2000 she established Tricky Trick Films.

Her filmography consists of a handful of shorts, five narrative films (“Quartet in 4 Movements” 1997, “Dancing Soul” 1999 and “Hold me” 2007, among others), more than 15 documentaries (“Words of Silence”, “Dreams in Another Language”) and a plethora of audiovisual clips that she continued to make even while hospitalized.

She was also the founder of the Rhodes International Film & Visual Arts Festival “EcoFilms”, which started out in 2000, as well as the Kos International Health Film Festival “Ippokratis”, established in 2009 and suspended by the island municipal authorities after two successful seasons.

You can find out more about Luci Rikaki’s multifaceted oeuvre through her personal website.