“10th Day” by Vasilis Mazomenos at the Montreal World Film Festival

The voyage of Ali, an Afghan Muslim living in Athens, will receive its North American premiere at the Montreal World Film Festival.

The Montreal International Film Festival, set to take place between August 23rd and September 8th, will feature the “10th Day” by Vasilis Mazomenos. The film has already been chosen to participate in Portugal’s Fantasporto, but Montreal is hauling it across the ocean.

Ali leads a solitary existence in a semi-basement apartment. His life is endlessly monotonous: he prepares his frugal meals, prays and then goes to sleep. His only diversion is the kick-boxing championship he’s training for. He makes a meager living by pilfering trash cans for scrap metal he hauls around town in a super-market cart. He’s plagued by memories of his home town, his family and his girlfriend. But worst of all, he’s haunted by the Ashura, which he always observes but never participates in. It’s a day of mourning for the majority of the Muslim people, commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, a leading figure in Islam.

The story is fictional, but it draws inspiration from hundreds of stories just like it, taking place in contemporary Athens.


Director, screenwriter: Vassilis Mazomenos / Starring: Ali Haidari, Mahdi Gorbani, Hosin Ahmadi, Vassilis Koukalani, Ioli Demetriou, Dina Avagianou, Nikos Arvanitis,
Demetris Panagiotou, Stratos Kritikos, Leonidas Douramanis / Producers: Takis Zervoulakos, Vassilis Mazomenos/ Executive Producer: Poly Tranidou/ Director of Photography: George Papandrikopoulos/ Chief Editor: Yiannis Kostavaras/ Origina Music: DNA